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Is Cryptocurrency Protection Against Inflation?

Inflation approaching 8% is something few of us have seen in our lifetime. Even fewer have the expertise or experience to protect from the effects and hurt of rampant inflation. The shrinking value of our dollar is bad enough, but high inflation affects us all in more subtle ways. A lower dollar value puts pressure on increasing wages, pushing individuals and businesses alike into higher tax brackets, or reducing benefits even though real earnings don’t change. With 8% inflation and current traditional yields being much lower than that, returns are very likely to be negative. Inflation hurts earners and savers alike.

If you believe that governments are doing good job of taming inflation and reducing deficits in ways that will help you there’s no need to read further. However, if you are trying to protect yourself or your loved ones against high inflation and interest rates and recession, then you need some answers. There has been a lot of talk lately about investment into cryptocurrency being a measure of protection against inflation, but is it?

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